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What is Muslin Cloth and why should I get a Cotton Muslin Cloth for my baby?

Updated: Apr 17

Muslin fabric is the number one fabric choice of baby textile products with its soft natural structure. It is also among the oldest fabric types in the world and known to have been used by the Egyptians for swaddling babies, continues to be used for the same purpose today. Muslin fabric, examined and tested by civilizations and time; It is the most ideal NATURAL fabric used for babies because it is durable, breathable, pure, soft, gentle, and useful.

Here are the reasons why you should get a Muslin Cloth for your baby;

1. Light and Breathable

Due to their loose weave, muslins are very lightweight and breathable, making them a safe addition to your baby’s pushchair or cot bed.

2. Soft and Gentle

Our Muslin cloths are made from % 100 cotton so they’re soft and gentle against baby’s sensitive skin. Unlike other fabrics, the more you wash your muslin cloth the softer it gets.

3. Easy to clean

Just pop your muslin cloth in the washing machine on a gentle wash with similar colours. You can tumble dry them on low, but they dry so quickly naturally and it’s more environmentally friendly!

4. Comforting for babies

Babies love the soft snuggly texture of muslin cloths and, as you begin to use muslins for almost everything, your little one will start to find comfort in having a muslin cloth close by. You may find they start to settle easier for nap times if they have their muslin with them.

5. Ideal for Swaddling

Our swaddles are gentle on your baby's delicate skin. The slight stretch in muslin fabric makes the larger variety perfect for swaddling.

6. A Blanket for warmer months

During the warmer months, a large muslin cloth could be used as a lightweight alternative to a standard blanket.

7. A nursing cover

You can our generous size muslin fabric as a nursing cover as well as a stroller sunshade or car seat cover when you are not breastfeeding your baby.

8. A changing pad cover

Although changing pads are usually made from a wipe-clean material, they can be quite cold and uncomfortable against your baby’s sensitive skin. In these instances, large muslin cloths can be used as a changing pad cover, providing a soft layer for your baby to lay on.

9. Tissue alternative

Some parents prefer to use small muslin cloths as a handkerchief or mouth wipes rather than regular tissue. The reason is muslin cloths being soft and gentle unlike regular tissues. That’s why we offer our Muslin cloths as a Muslin Swaddle Set that includes 1 large muslin cloth and 4 small mouth napkin / wipes. You can use these multi-purpose, super practical soft, sturdy, and washable small muslin cloths as wash cloths during the bath time as well.

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