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Stages of Tile Art

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to make those elegant ceramic wooden trays that you like and receive so much? Here is the step-by-step construction of those artistic ceramic wooden trays.

  • Natural materials such as chalk, sand and kaolin are mixed and made into dough.

  • The dough is shaped and set a side for a while to dry.

  • Priming work is done on the dry dough.

  • Priming gives the dough a white appearance.

  • The pieces are baked in the oven at a very high temperature for one day.

  • The rough surface of the cooked parts is smoothed with the help of sandpaper and a smooth surface is obtained.

  • The surface is covered with a white paper drawn with a black pen and the ground is created for other operations.

  • The pattern is pierced with a needle and transferred to the tile surface to be made with the help of coal dust.

  • Patterns and contours are created with the help of cobalt black paint suitable for tile art.

  • The interior floor is started to be painted with colors suitable for taste or imagination.

  • The painted glassy object is covered with a glaze and brought to the firing stage. 900-940C° degrees

  • It is ensured that the pieces are cooked separately and are subjected to a second cooking stage again.

  • Cooked parts are cooled slowly to prevent breakage.

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