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What Makes Buldan Cloth so Special?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Buldan is a town and a district of Denizli Province in the inner Aegean Region of Turkiye.

Buldan is a type of fabric weaving which has been used in Anatolia for centuries with its healthy texture and durability. Buldan cloth takes its name from a small town in Denizli. Although it was a weaving seen only in this region during the Ottoman period and started to be produced in other parts of Turkey, this weaving continues to be called Buldan's name.

Buldan fabric is made by weaving on looms from threads obtained after cotton is processed. This fabric, woven by skilled hands, is a highly preferred fabric not only for clothes but also for home textiles. It is especially preferred in the production of towels, loincloths and bathrobes with its high-water absorption capacity.


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