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The Oldest Technique of Weaving (Black Loom)

Updated: Apr 16

Weaving has been used for 600 years. First knowing cultures of Romans and Egyptians used this technique for their clothes. It has a detailed process, not everybody can handle it.

In Turkiye, there are great artisans using this old weaving technique to create peshtemals Turkish towels. One peshtemal is made in approximately 8 to 10 working hours depending on the artisan's speed. First cotton yarns are loaded up onto looms, 1000 yarns are enough for one loom. After detailed control process, the weaving machine is starting to work by foot and hand.

You can see the process in the videos. With this technique, friction between yarns are less. Thus, this made the peshtemal Turkish towel more absorbent from electrical weaving machines.


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