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What is Peshtemal and what is so special about it? 
Peshtemal also known as loincloth is the oldest textile clothing item known to the world. According to some sources, the origin is Persian, pronounced "Püşt-mal" and its meaning is known as weaving that will be wiped, worn from the waist down in the bath or tied around the waist to prevent the clothes from getting dirty while working. 
Our loincloths are produced from Buldan fabrics, which have the same name as the world-renowned textile center of Turkey, Denizli's Buldan district. Since it is 100% cotton, it is a healthy product that does not sweat and does not have allergic properties. Cotton is a natural fiber, renewable and biodegradable. Cotton clothes are not only soft but also provides extra comfort and convenience in summer. Buldan fabric is made by natural methods by weaving it on hand looms. Hand towel size is also known as Peshkir.


     Why we LOVE it ?

  • It is light and thin

  • Dries faster and absorbs more water compared to a beach towel

  • Durable to frequent washing

  • Takes up very little space, easy to carry

  • No additives, environmentally friendly

  • Sand free on the beach

They are also perfect for;

  • Spa

  • Sauna

  • Turkish bath

  • Massage Rooms

  • Gym – Fitness

  • Swimming pool

  • Yoga

  • Pilates

  • Boats

Peshtemal is great for beaches but let me tell you, you do not need to wait  to have the Aegean sun to own a peshtemal!
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