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If you are interested in selling our beautiful products in your store, we will be happy to sell on wholesale basis. Our products in this category are custom made and are priced based on the requested quantity.
Please use the below form or send an e-mail to to ask for a quote and we will get back to you shortly.


What is “Muslin” Fabric?

Muslin is a sparsely woven, 100% cotton, soft, natural fabric that has been used for centuries. It is the most ideal fabric used for babies because it is durable, breathable, pure, soft, and gentle. Muslin gets better and better with washing.

Cotton Muslin Collection

Care Instructions for Muslin?

Gentle 30° machine wash. Do not bleach. Wash your muslin with similar colours. Avoid washing with items that feature zips or Velcro which could come into contact with the muslin which could snag on the fibres. 

Do not tumble dry muslins as it can lead to shrinkage. Hang to dry or lay flat, if possible dry outdoor to retain their freshness and softness. 

Low heat or delicate setting for ironing. High heat can cause the fabric to scorch, shrink, or lose its softness. 

Does Muslin Fabric Pill?

Muslin fabric is 100% cotton woven fabric. Like all cotton fabrics, it is expected to become pilled after washing and use. Since our priority is to offer natural muslin fabric to our customers, no anti-pilling process is applied to our fabrics. For this reason, pilling is expected from the first wash. Pills may fall off naturally over time.

Our products in this category are custom made and are priced according to the quantity ordered.
To obtain a quote, you can pre-order your product in bulk from the store by adding your product to the basket with the number of orders, or you can send the order form below for each product, specifying the product name and total order quantity.

Baby & Kids

As The Aegean Touch, we supply high-quality baby textile products in the UK market. Our products are made from 100% cotton, natural, soft, breathable muslin fabrics. 
The fabric production including the printing and dyeing processes are completed in our manufacturer’s facilities in Denizli, Turkey where the OEKO-TEX standards are met through the whole process. 

Baby & Kids Görsel


As The Aegean Touch, we supply high-quality women textile products in the UK market. Our products are made from 100% cotton, natural, soft, breathable muslin fabrics. Our very much-loved products are Scarves and Muslin Kimonos / Robes.
We provide wide range of difference coloures.

Kimono / Robe

Our beautiful handmade kimonos/robes are made of natural undyed double layer Turkish Muslin Cotton and come in short or long models. They are stylish and versatile. Great to wear around the house, on beaches as a cover-up, as a pool & spa clothing, as a hammam towel or as a dressing gown.
This lovely, high-quality Muslin Clothing has traditional breathable kimono sleeves and a belt around a waist. The perfect combination of comfort and style, this kimono is a great addition to your new season wardrobe.

It is a special & unique birthday, Valentine’s Day, Bridesmaid, Christmas and Mother’s Day gift. 

Muslin Kimono Short Pattern


Our ultra soft comfy scarf is made from naturally wrinkled cotton muslin fabric. It is gloriously textured, lightweighted, comforting and breathable. It has no fringes and will definitely add a stylish touch to your Autumn outfit.

Muslin Scarf Wholesale

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